Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time for Truth for Black America

My brothers. My sisters.

It behooves me to speak to you as I will, but the truth must be told and heard for only the truth can set us free. Before we free ourselves from the chains of tyranny, we must free ourselves from the chains of ignorance and denial. A man can be politically free but still a slave spiritually. A man can have all the social liberties but still be locked inside the prison of blind ignorance. We black folks have gained social, political, and legal freedoms, but we remain slaves because we have yet to face the truth. It is time for us to unveil these truths and examine them with utmost honesty.

First truth is that we as a people are weak. By ‘weak’, I don’t mean the power of brawn. There are plenty of black men and women with trophies in sports. There is no lack of blacks with guns in the military or in the hood. A man is essentially a moral, intellectual, and spiritual being, and when I say we are ‘weak’, I mean we as a people have yet to gain autonomy and integrity in the realm of the heart and mind. After all, beasts of burden are far stronger than the strongest man, but they are weak of mind, therefore controlled and manipulated by man. Just as the mind controls the body, it is the clever, cunning, and intelligent who control the stupid, childish, and ignorant. A single bull has the power of two dozen men, but a single man on horseback has control over the entire cattle.

We black folks measure strength by how fast we can run, how high we can jump, and how loud we can shout that we have lost sight of the higher power based on the honesty of thought, courage of truth, and integrity of values. We think we are on top just because some loud–mouthed rapper with bling around his neck, pants hanging low and baring his ass, arms around loose women, and gun wrapped in fingers shining with rings happens to be promoted by the media as the face of ‘cool’ black America. We think we are masters of the world because a handful of black athletes sign million dollar contracts while so many of our sons and daughters remained mired in poverty and debauchery. And it’s not essentially a matter of material poverty because, after all, even the poor in America eat, dress, and are housed better than most people around the world. No, the real poverty of black America is moral and spiritual. It is intellectual. It is to be expected when so many black homes don’t have a single book in the house. Not a single book. The fathers go missing, and the mothers(biological but hardly cultural or moral), look to junk on TV and trash on the internet for inspiration.

How did things come to be so? Why did we, as a people, allow it be so? These are the questions we need to raise. These are the issues we must confront. And the blame must not only go to the white man(or the Jewish man, the Mexican man, the Asian man, the homosexual man, and so on) but to ourselves for we’ve too often been looking for scapegoats to absolve ourselves of our dereliction of duty.

Here, I wish to lay out the basic issues that need to be addressed if we are to move forward. Some of these truths may be discomfiting given the current political alliances and unspoken contracts among various groups that form the Progressive Movement. But unless we speak with candor, courage, and sincerity, true progress will slip through our fingers as only the truth and nothing but the truth can be a firm foundation for the future. We need to do with the culture of lies.

First, I wish to address the power of the homosexual movement. We need to ask how it became so prominent so fast. We must ask how it came to eclipse and sideswipe black American interests. We need to ask how it was able to steal, yes steal, the mantle of Civil Rights from the black community. We need to ask why the media cast such a favorable light on homosexual and even transsexual issues while increasingly ignoring the problems dogging the black community. We need to ask who are the main shakers, movers, funders, and promoters of the homosexual agenda. We need to look into the role of money, often in the form of bribery(in legal forms), that silenced the black moral and spiritual community’s opposition to the homosexual agenda. We need to ask why Jewish and white Liberals express excessive affection and enthusiasm for the homosexual agenda while only grudgingly paying heed to the needs of the black community. In other words, we need to ask why the black community was sent to the back of the bus in the Progressive Movement while homosexuals and even transsexuals, along with Jews and white gentiles who push gentrification(a genteel word for racially cleansing blacks out of big cities), came to occupy the front seats.

Now, let me make it clear that I’m no kind of virulent anti-gay person. I am well-aware of the
small-mindedness, bigotry, and even thuggery among some blacks who, intoxicated in the culture of machismo, all too often insult and terrorize homosexuals. It’s sad to see some blacks bullying and dehumanizing those whose lifestyles don’t conform to the culture of the ‘badass thug’ promoted by rap culture. And it’s not just a ‘gay issue’. I’ve heard intelligent black kids tell me that they were taunted, even beaten, in school because their good grades and interest in books got them labeled as ‘acting white’. This is why I say we are weak, brothers and sisters. A people who measure power only by muscle and machismo don’t know the value of higher power, that of the heart, mind, and soul. If we black folks are honest, we need to face the fact that some people are born homosexual. This is undeniable in the way they talk, walk, and act. It’s not their fault that they were born that way, no more than a man can be blamed for having been born blind, deaf, or as a dwarf like the character in GAME OF THRONES.
So, the black community must accept the fact that some folks will be homosexual, and this is true of all races around the world. There is no community, no town, no city, no state, and no nation without some people who are going to be homosexual or ‘gay’. We need to accept this fact, and we need to let such people find their own kind of meaning and happiness.

But the homosexual movement is something far bigger than a quest for tolerance and understanding. It is an all-out celebration of Sodom, debauchery, and decadence. Worse, it is now invested in promoting and pushing a near-worship of homosexuality and transsexuality through popular culture, government decrees, and public education. The thrust of the movement has gone from a tolerance of an abnormal sexual orientation to a mindless celebration of the fact that some men indulge in deviant ways of ‘sex’ that involve male sexual organs intruding into anal orifices designed by God and Nature to defecate. We are also told that if a man wants to have his penis cut off and replaced with an artificially constructed ‘vagina’, it is a noble act of ‘courage’, whereas those who disdain such practices are denounced as sick in the head with something called ‘transphobia’. Skeptics of the homosexual and transsexual movement are even targeted for dismissal and blacklisting from jobs. Brothers and sisters, how did things come to this? Why and how did we allow this to happen?

First, we need to understand that the homosexual movement was, from the very outset, favored and funded by the rich and powerful Jewish community. Then, the white Liberal community jumped on the bandwagon. How does one account for the sudden surge of interest in the homosexual agenda? Did it owe to homosexuals prominence in fashion, entertainment, and academia? Was it because homosexuals tend to act as a group, using ‘gaydar’ to identify and favor one another for promotion? Was it because homosexuals love power and privilege, therefore tend to gravitate to elite institutions? There are surely many reasons. But one thing for sure, Jews and white Liberals began to show great interest in homosexuals.
Relevant to us black folks is the fact that this sudden interest in all-things-homosexual had something to do with Jewish and white Liberal disenchantment with blacks and the Civil Rights Movement. In the time of Civil Rights protests, the hopeful assumption among many Jews and white Liberals was that Civil Rights legislation would bring forth a new dawn of peace and equality for all Americans. But the explosion of urban crime led to white flight and social tensions. And just like black boxers were beating white guys in the ring, integration led to blacks beating up whites in schools, and white folks got scared. White Flight wasn’t just about ‘white racist’ types running from blacks. Jewish and white Liberals joined in the flight when they got attacked in the streets and when their kids came home with busted lips.
At some point, the Democratic Party silently gave up on blacks. Sure, it made all the right-sounding noises about the legacy of Martin Luther King, the Dream, the need for vigilance against bigotry, and so on. But such noises were mostly smoke-and-mirrors to distract attention from the new policy of silently dumping blacks(and the white working class) overboard from the cruise-ship of globalism, the new religion of progressivism. The Democratic Party once used to represent poor white farmers and white factory workers. And then, it began to represent black demanding equality under the law. But as urban Jews and white Liberals formed an alliance with Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and other industries that thrive on globalist ‘free trade’(allowing Corporate America to hire slave-labor overseas and import masses of cheap labor into America to maximize profits), there was less need for the Democratic Party to pay heed to the needs of the American working class and the black underclass. A white or Jewish globalist ‘progressive’ today cares more about homosexual ‘pride’ parades in Vietnam than about the problems faced by the working class whites and poor blacks.

Now, I have no beef with homosexuals being what they are. I acknowledge the sexual predilections they were born with, and black folks(and I mean religious black folks too) need to understand this truth. Even if you believe homosexuality is sinful, which is your right, you need to accept the truth that people do not choose to be homosexual.
However, the sheer hysteria in the celebration of homosexuality and transsexualism suggests at a bigger agenda. After all, it isn’t natural or normal for most people(who are not homosexual) to be so ecstatic about all-things-gay. This mania had to have been hyped, promoted, and sacralized by the powers-that-be through their control of government, academia, and media. And that agenda, my brothers and sisters, has favored and fast-tracked the homosexual agenda as the  main face of the Progressive Movement. The Jewish and white Liberal elites of the Democratic Party no longer care about black folks or the American working class. The Jewish and white Liberal elites adore homosexuals because gay people tend to be narcissistic and status-obsessed, therefore servile to the ruling class of globalists. The so-called ‘progressive’ elites feel contempt for regular people, be they black or white. Urban ‘progressives’(or the urban gentry) seek their privileges places in fancy industries of fashion, fame, fortune, celebrity, and greed. All through history, homosexuals have been close to kings, queens, and aristocrats as aids, agents, and advisers. One estimate says that 10% of Washington D.C. is now homosexual when the nation-wide average is only 2%.
But then, brothers and sisters, even though Jews are only 2% of the US population, they control close to 90% of the media and nearly all the politicians. Despite the disagreements between the Democrats and Republicans, one thing they agree on 100% is serving AIPAC, a foreign lobby that happens to represent the interests of Israel. It’s like Catholics and Protestants may not see eye to eye, but both sides are 100% agreed on the glory of God. Jewish Power is the god of American politics. Whatever disagreements Liberals and Conservatives may have, the are united in their worship of and servility to Jewish Power.
Why do Jews love homosexuals but not the American working class and black folks? It is because Jews today are not what they once were. There was a time when many Jews were working class, middle class, or small businessmen. They were part of the ordinary America. But over the decades, many Jews became rich, and some became super-rich. Jews are 2% of the population but now own close to 40% of the American wealth. Over 50% of Jews make more than $100,000 a year. Every year, certain gentile groups, especially black folks and white working class, grow poorer while Jews get richer. Jews make all the nice-sounding noise about unity and diversity, but Jews increasingly feel less empathy for working class folks and black folks. Jewish elites feel closer to globalist elites of other nations than with the regular people of America of any color. That is why Jews promote the homosexual agenda.
By making homosexuals the centerpiece of the Progressive Movement, Jews hope to neutralize and destroy the traditional meaning of Progress. Progress used to mean serving the ordinary people of the nation, the common folk. Today, it means globalist Jews sneering at regular Americans be they white or black. Jews love homosexuals because gays are adept at collaborating with the globalist enterprise that allows American corporations to ditch American workers and build factories in Mexico, India, and China. Globalism also allows America to be flooded with masses of immigrants, legal and illegal, who work as neo-scabs and weaken the competitive edge of the American worker. How can white working class or the black underclass get ahead when, for every new job, there are so many more Hispanics, Asians, and Muslims competing for it for lower wages?

Brothers and sisters, it is a disgrace to compare the homosexual agenda with the Civil Rights Movement. Homosexuals were not slaves in this country.  While there were homosexuals among the black slaves, there were also homosexuals among the white slave-owners. While there were homosexuals among the Civil Rights Marchers, there were homosexuals among those who supported Bull Connor. While it’s true that homosexuality was illegal for much of history, those societies that were dominated by homosexuals were hardly bastions of freedom. Greek Spartan society instituted a policy of mandatory homosexuality, and it was the most totalitarian social order in the ancient world. All boys were forced to undergo sodomy as rite-of-passage. And even though we are told that Nazis persecuted homosexuals, it’s also true that the Nazi SA was, for a long spell, filled with homosexuals in its ranks from top to bottom. Besides, Nazis had no anti-lesbian policy.
Furthermore, even when homosexuality was illegal, plenty of homosexuals remained in the closet and gained considerable power as slave-traders, imperialists, war-mongers, and the like. There were surely homosexuals among white slave traders, white imperialists, white racial bigots, white finance-capitalists, and white slave-owners. There were surely white homosexual slave-owners who sexually abused black men. Also, some nasty kings and princes were born as homosexuals and abused their power by sexually exploiting their servants.

So, the idea that homosexuals should now compare their cause with the Civil Rights Movement is not only offensive but downright repulsive. Brothers and Sisters, do we want the spectacle of wild homosexuals and transsexuals in ‘Pride’ parades to be compared with the Civil Rights marches when people braved sticks and stones to gain equality under the law? When black folks marched in the 50s and 60s, they were often going against the power structure of the nation. In contrast, the homosexual celebration has the full funding of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Walmart and Big Retail, Silicon Valley, and Ivy League institutions.
Now, why would rich folks be so supportive of the homosexual agenda when 98% of Americans who are not homosexual? Why isn’t it sufficient for America to tolerate homosexuals? Why must we sing praises to certain group of men just because they are into sodomy? Why should we cheer a man just because he decided to have his penis cut off to obtain a fake-vagina? Since when is it ‘courage’ for a former athlete to put on a woman’s dress and use the ladies room? What Dr. King and his followers went through called for real courage. And black folks had to come together to gain the pride of dignity.
But in the Age of Obama, ‘pride’ is what homosexual men do to each other’s buttocks. ‘Courage’ is a sixty-year old white man, a former Olympian, dressed up like a ‘woman’ being lauded by the media as the ‘woman of the year’. When such frivolities define the new ‘progressivism’, is there any opportunity for the voices of the American working class and black folks to be heard? Every year, the biggest celebration in every city is the ‘Gay Pride Parade’. And all these cities are getting whiter, more Jewish, and richer as a result of globalist-gentrification spearheaded by homosexuals. Indeed, that is one reason why rich Jewish and white urban gentry folks have a special love for homosexuals. Gays have been hustling to take over city blocks, buy up property, and raise rents sky high to push out ‘unwanted elements’ who are mostly black. The reason why Jewish & white Liberals make so much noise about ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ is to mask the fact that they are maneuvering overtime to kick blacks out of their gentrifying neighborhoods.

After all, if Jewish and white Liberals love black folks so much, why don’t they welcome blacks into their own communities? Cities are booming economically whereas the suburbs are declining. So, blacks should remain in the cities to take advantage of the economic opportunities. If Jewish and white Liberals love the idea of integration, why don’t they want to integrate with blacks? Why do they use gentrification(with the aid of homosexuals) to drive blacks out to suburbs or small towns? When Jewish and white Liberals talk about ‘integration’, it means they want OTHER whites in economically declining communities to integrate with dislocated urban blacks. It means they want their own urban neighborhoods to become more Jewish, more white, and more affluent. And they try to mask their dirty deed by focusing all our attention on the celebration of homosexuals as the New Progressivism. Black population has been shrinking in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston.

So, how do these Jewish and white ‘progressives’ compensate for their betrayal of blacks and the working class? How can they claim to be ‘progressive’ when they formulate policy to increase their own wealth and privilege? They put on massive homosexual parades with the notion that nothing is more ‘progressive’ than the sight of gays claiming pride and glory on grounds that they indulge in sodomy that is, for some reason, associated with the rainbow.
As long as the homosexual community is willing to work with the elites of Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Las Vegas, they will be the darlings of the globalist supremacists. Jews especially love homosexuals because homosexuals are among the most fervent supporters of the Zionist oppression of Palestinians. While much of the world weeps at the sight of Palestinian women and children murdered by Zionist aggression, homosexuals fully support the Zionist warmongering against Arabs and Muslims. This shouldn’t be surprising since most major homosexual organizations are led, funded, and owned by Jewish-Zionist homosexuals. How many times have we been told that we should support Israel over Muslims because Israel has ‘gay pride’ parades but Muslim nations do not. Using this logic, we should be against black African nations since they reject the globalist homosexual agenda. If Jews were to colonize a African nation and occupy/oppress its population, should we side with Jews simply because they put on ‘gay pride’ parades whereas black Africans had refused to?

We’ve been duped, brothers and sisters. We’ve been duped because we are weak. We are weak of mind. We are weak of heart. Our culture now consists of black males acting the gangsta, black females acting the whore, and black politicians acting the House Negro. Yes, Barack Obama is a House Negro. He fooled us easy. We were told he is the ‘historic candidate’. He gives speeches about Selma. He makes speeches about black pride. But we need to judge people by what they do, not what they say. In terms of what Obama has done, he has favored the homosexual agenda above all else as part of his service to the Wall Street Cabal, which he bailed out as the first act of his presidency. He has pushed black men and women to the back of the bus. Obama has been nothing but a shill and puppet of the Jewish and homosexual elites. Jewish-controlled media even gloated about Obama as the ‘first Jewish president’ because so many of his handlers, advisers, and donators are Jewish. If we weren’t so weak, we would not have fallen for the fraud, but we are weak. Just because he is racially black, we thought he would represent us. In focusing exclusively on his skin color, we lost sight of the fact that his main appeal to Jews, homosexuals, and white Liberals was his lack of genuine blackness. Remember that before he moved to Chicago, he hardly knew any black people. It was the Jews and homosexuals who picked up, groomed him, and funded him to be the ‘historic’ candidate. He ran on blackness as a brand, not as substance. So, the first thing he did in office was bail out Jewish Wall Street. As Minister Farrakhan said, Obama served the Jewish globalists to destroy the Muslim world. Libyans and Syrians didn’t do anything to black folks. As Arabs and Muslims, they are hated by Zionists who continue to oppress Palestinians. Obama and Hillary Clinton, serving as puppets of Zionist-globalists, laid waste to Libya and then sent arms to terrorists in Syria to tear that nation apart. Obama is a facade, a ruse. He talks the talk of Progress and Justice, but he’s been the biggest shill of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and Ivy League Zionists who’ve been using American Power to serve the interests of Israel and Jewish globalist oligarchs.

Brothers and sisters, Obama is a phony. And the Democratic Party is no longer a national party but a global party. When Obama calls himself a ‘citizen of the world’, it is euphemistic way of saying he serves the Jews and homosexuals who control globalism than the needs of Americans who voted for him. Obama would rather further Zionist interests in Libya and Syria — even at the cost 100,000s lives destroyed by war — than serve the interests of American working class and black Americans. He would rather serve the interests of illegal immigrants than the interests of black Americans who are falling further behind due to increasing competition for jobs. He would rather expend his energy toward forcing ‘gay marriage’ on America and letting transsexuals run around in the military than in taking real measures to fix the problems of education, jobs, family breakdown, and declining morality in the black community. When marriage and family are falling apart in the working class and black communities, what is Obama’s favored message to America? That marriage should be associated with men whose idea of ‘sex’ is to stick their manhoods into organs designed by nature for defecation. That is Obama’s message to the people of America whose common culture now consists of indulging in dumb TV shows, trashy music, violent video games, illicit drugs, and gambling.

The Democrats would have us believe that DIVERSITY is what we need more of. Black folks are assured that they have something to gain from more diversity because it will finally destroy the GOP, the white party. But if the Democratic Party is supposed to care about blacks and the working class, how does increasing diversity via mass immigration help them? Brothers and Sisters, just look at California. With the massive influx of Hispanics and Asians, not only the white working class but black folks have totally lost out in that state. If California is the future model for the rest of America, then black folks and working class folks have no place in it. Hispanics, legal and illegal, have squeezed blacks out of neighborhoods and occupations. Asians have taken a huge share of college enrollments, making it ever harder for blacks to gain admittance. The rich industries of Hollywood and Silicon Valley are dominated by whites, homosexuals, Jews, and Asians. But they mostly closed off to blacks.

The massive influx of immigrants have destroyed labor unions. How can Labor gain any kind of traction when corporations can hire cheap immigrants? And so many jobs have been shipped overseas on the basis of globalism. Because diversity is weakening the GOP, black folks think they are winning. But diversity means more Hispanics taking more jobs away from blacks. It means more Asians taking college slots from blacks. It means blacks having to compete not only with whites but with the entire world to gain a piece of the pie. What’s the point of defeating the GOP when the Democratic Party(dominated by globalist Jews, homosexuals, white Liberals) is using ‘diversity’ to replace black Americans and working class Americans with massive hordes of Hispanics, Asians, and Muslims? Mexicans and Central Americans keep pouring into America, even turning traditional black communities into Latino communities. And when we consider that China has 1.3 billion people and India has 1.2 billion people, how can blacks compete in anything when so many Asians keep pouring into America?
And even when the immigrants are from Africa, why should African immigrants benefit from Affirmative Action that was devised to address the needs of black Americans whose ancestors were slaves? In elite schools, the majority of black beneficiaries of Affirmative Action are not black-Americans whose ancestors were slaves but black-African-immigrants whose ancestors were slave-sellers. Does that make any sense to you?
Indeed, Obama himself has no ancestry in America. His African ancestry is Kenyan, and his ancestors sold black slaves to Arabs in that part of the world. Why should he be benefitting from Affirmative Action when it was designed to specifically serve the needs of black-Americans with ancestry in American slavery? This is what globalism does to American politics. Nothing makes sense anymore.
Indeed, consider how Hispanics also benefit from Affirmative Action in America. Why should this be so? There are all kinds of Hispanics, ranging from white to black. Now, white Hispanics are the descendants of Spanish Conquistadores who came to the New World, spread disease, practiced slavery on a scale much larger than in the United States, and ruled over the native population who were reduced to slavery and penury. But when these white Hispanics come to America, they get to pose as ‘people of color’ and gain special favors. How does that help the black man? Where is justice in any of this?

But we are told that ‘diversity’ will do us wonders. We are told that diversity will bring forth heaven on earth because it will weaken the GOP. Well, brothers and sisters, look at California. The GOP is destroyed there forever. It is a completely Democratic state. It is the most diverse state in America. So, what have blacks and the working class gained in California? Black interests have been drowned out by Hispanic and Asian interests. Indeed, now there are far more Hispanics and Asians than blacks in California. Do you remember a time when blacks used to be the dominant minority in California? As for the working class, they are truly messed up real bad. With so many immigrants willing to work for less, labor unions are mere shells of their former selves. And look at the elite industries of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Look at the people who run them, and you will see mostly Jewish, homosexual, Asian, and white faces.
Indeed, blacks have more power and representation in Deep South states run by the GOP than in California run by Democrats. When Democratic elites say, "We want more diversity", they really mean, "We want more Hispanic and Asian immigrants to use as buffers between our privileged selves and those black thugs."  Yes, that’s what ‘diversity’ really means. More immigration means more Asians and Hispanics. That is what ‘diversity’ is all about. So, when the Democratic Party pushes ‘diversity’, it means that the rich and privileged Jewish, homosexual, and white Liberal urbanites in places like NY, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh want more Asians and Hispanics to serve as buffers between themselves and blacks. Democratic elites hope to use ‘diversity’ to push out blacks from cities. Black folks have been fooled into believing that more ‘diversity’ means more for blacks. Blacks have been fooled because so much advertising features black faces alongside ‘diversity’. But when we look at reality, as opposed to bogus propaganda, it is obvious that ‘diversity’ from massive immigration means a globalized America where the ruling elites of either party no longer think nationally and no longer care about black Americans and American workers. They want more immigrants to use as docile labor force who are willing to work for a pittance. Jewish, homosexuals, and white urbanites prefer to fill up cities with more Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics because they are deemed less criminal and less threatening than American-born blacks are. Instead of trying to help black folks or save American jobs, the so-called ‘progressive’ elites have shifted their attention toward serving their own social-economic interests by making homosexual celebration and diversity-via-mass-immigration their priority. When progressivism goes from national to global, it is no longer about patriotism and national unity. It is about empire and imperialism. American elites now feel they should have the right to invade and intervene all over the world militarily and financially. And they want their own nations to fill up with foreign workers from all over the world so that the native and national workers will lose their bargaining power. What use is a labor union when globalized American companies can always hire cheap immigrant labor that is never in short supply since more and more immigrants keep coming?

In 1964, black folks, then called Negroes, finally achieved full equality thanks to the struggle led by Dr. King. Finally, black folks rejoiced that the moment had finally arrived for blacks to fully reap the rewards of being Americans. Finally, blacks would make great gains in all areas of state and society.
But what happened a year later? In 1965, America passed the Immigration Act that opened up the nation to the entire world. Just one year after blacks won full equality and were about to make social and economic gains denied to them for so long, they were suddenly exposed to exponentially expanding competition from the entire world. So, the dream of black Americans to play an equal and important role in American life was thwarted as people from the entire world out-competed blacks for college admissions and professions. Many black folks think the Immigration Act of 1965 was a great boon to the black community because rising diversity is supposed to diminish white power. But the effect has been far worse on the black community because the white community has been able to use the immigrant community as a buffer between themselves and blacks. All these so-called Jewish, white, and homosexual Liberals claim to love and respect black folks, but what they say has no bearing on what they really do. These urban Liberals really just want to ‘gentrify’ entire parts of the city by pushing blacks out and creating posh ‘whitopias’ and ‘gentropolises’ that are serviced by docile immigrants from all over the world. Indeed, their pro-black rhetoric is just smoke-and-mirrors to obfuscate the fact that they are working against black interest. It’s like how Bill Clinton used the ‘first black president’ jive and shuck all the while enacting laws that locked up record numbers of black males in prison. This is how these urban white gentry types really act. They appease blacks with gentle-sounding ‘progressive’talk, but they pull every trick in the book to diminish real black power.
But then, these globalist elites do the same thing in the Middle East. It doesn’t matter which party it is. George W. Bush praised Islam as the ‘religion of peace’, and Hillary and Obama would have believe that they love Muslims. But such honeyed words were meant to sweeten the bitter truths about the American invasions and interventions in the Middle East(at the behest of Zionists) to create chaos and havoc, resulting in waves and waves of ‘refugees’. And as all these Muslims refugees wash up on American shores, black folks will have more people to lose ground to, more people to compete with, more people who increase the burden of social spending, thereby leaving less for black folks.

Diversity that flooded America with the Immigration Act of 1965 undid the promise of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was a cruel joke, brothers and sisters. It was a sick joke to offer full equality to black folks and then expose blacks to a flood of competition from all over the world. Imagine you’re a slave who’ve just been freed. You finally look forward to good things coming your way. But just when you are looking to succeed as a free man, the very people who freed you decide to flood your community with foreigners who out-compete you and leave you with nothing. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 giveth to blacks. But the Immigration Act of 1965 taketh away from blacks. It was a cruel joke. But too many blacks are blind to what happened because they conflate their own power with that of the Democratic Party. Blacks think, "If Democrats win, we win." But that was when blacks were the second biggest constituents in the party. There was a time when the Democratic Party belonged to working class whites and blacks. So, the interests of these folks mattered. But once the Democratic Party turned into the party of Jewish oligarchs, homosexual elitists, and immigrant masses, blacks keep getting sent further back of the bus. With each passing year, Democratic Party becomes more Jewish, more homosexual, and more immigrant. There is less and less for blacks. And I’m not fooled by the token House Negroes like Obama and Valerie Jarrett who grew among whites and were favored by Jewish & homosexual elites. They offer mere scraps to blacks while offering the lion’s share of spoils to the urban bourgeoisie that are hellbent on gentrifying as many blacks out of cities as possible while increasing the number of immigrants to use as buffer. When most of the economic activity is now concentrated in cities, why do these so-called ‘progressive’ Jews and white Liberals seek to push blacks out to the suburbs and small towns that are in steep economic decline? If blacks need economic opportunity, they need to stay in the city because most of the growth are in urban centers whereas rural areas and small towns are in decline due to globalism.

Brothers and Sisters, we need to wake up to the truth. The truth is not what it may seem according to the talking points of these politicians who are bought and sold by the globalist oligarchs who only care about their own power and privilege. Can we trust the Jews when they talk of equality? If Jews are invested in equality, how is that Jews, who constitute only 2% of the American population, make up 45% of the top 1% of Americans? And how is that homosexuals, who are at most 2 or 3% of the population are allowed to take over entire cities and splatter their decadent symbols all over the place? These are the tough questions we need to be asking. But too many so-called leaders of the black community take bribes from globalist elites, push for more immigration & diversity, and talk the talk but walk the crooked walk. They are a bunch of Judases who have sold their own brethren for thirty pieces of silver. They work with Jewish elites and lobbyists to fatten their own wallets while pretending to serve the black community. But almost all politicians are now like this. White politicians don’t serve the white working class. They are too busy pushing globalism and ‘free trade’ while taking bribes from lobbyists representing big globalist corporations. We need to wake up. We need a real culture, a real economy, and real truth.